Almost all men like to travel beautiful travel destinations. They are interested in exploring the places of attractions there. They like to go out for enjoying picturesque landscape, beautiful countryside and wonderful natural phenomenon. Getting around beautiful places and partaking in pleasure activities is really a fun experience for every traveler. One can hardly forget the memorable moments of those days till his doomsday.

Taking a journey along Silk Route or Silk Road is one of the wonderful experiences that you will never forget in your life. The Silk Route refers to a network of trade routes connecting three continents- Asia, Europe and Africa. Silk Route stands as the missing link of cultural past of these three continents. In the ancient time, Europeans used it to transport Chinese Silk to Europe through Central Asia. The importance of it in the world history does not wait for an explanation. It was the first superhighway connected the people of Asia, Europe and Africa. It helped them in cultural, social and economic development. Silk Road plays an important role in the development of people. It has helped them transport commodities and exchange of ideas and information. Nobody can deny the significant role of Silk Road in the development of the civilizations for the countries like China, India, Pakistan, Ancient Persia, and Arabia. The Silk Route at Sikkim starts from Aritar. To explore the breathtaking beauties, you can starts from here. From here you can easily reach Zuluk, the pristine hamlet of Sikkim. You are sure to know how beautiful the nature is. Many travelers are highly interested in taking journey along Silk route. To make it a real fun experience, they can buy Silk route tour packages offered by various travel agencies.

If you are an Indian you can start from Sikkim, the pristine paradise of India. For its stunning beauty, people like to call it ‘Natural Beauty Queen’. Staring at the snow-capped mountain up above the green valley is really a wonderful experience. When you look at the pristine green valley from the above, the lowland looks like an emerald beauty. The view all around appears to be glossy green land. The sunrise and sunset behind snow-capped Kanchenjhungha is awe-inspiring. Spend some days here and enjoy the scenic beauty that the place has to offer. You will have here a significant number of attractions and pleasurable activities to indulge in. The place is ideal for giving one some unforgettable fun experiences. The wide range of snow-capped mountains, stunning slant of green Himalayas and countless hot spots have made the land an ideal travel destination. Therefore, it is quite natural that the travellers would come to pay a visit here round the year. If you are a travel aficionado, you can choose Sikkim and definitely Silk Route as an indispensable part of it. Staying here is not an issue. Keeping pace with the demand of the day, the number of hotels has increased significantly.

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