Isn’t it fun to go on vacation with your pet? While it’s great to do it, the unfortunate thing is that you have to prepare yourself thoroughly to ensure that everything runs perfectly. Some of the preparation that you need to do include:

Motel to Stay

As rule of thumb you should ensure that the motel you want to book is pet friendly. In addition to this you should ensure that there is enough space for your pet to exercise. To protect your pet from diseases, the motel should provide a crate for your pet. This means that your pet shouldn’t live in the same place as other pets.

To find the best place you need to do plenty of research. This calls for you to visit review sites and see what different people have to say about a given facility. If you will be visiting the motel during the holidays, it’s wise that you make the reservations early in order to avoid the last minute rush.

Unfamiliar Surrounding

Since you will be living in a motel, the pet will notice that he isn’t in his familiar surrounding which might stress him up. The best way of dealing with things is to put the pet in a crate. This will prevent him from scratching or chewing up the place that you are staying. Whenever you will be leaving the pet alone, always ensure that you leave him in the crate. You shouldn’t leave him in the car as he can easily die.

If your pet isn’t used to being in a crate, you should train him to live in it before you depart.

Runaway Pets

Pets are quite unpredictable. Since you will be living in a new area, the new sounds, sights, animals and people might overwhelm the pet and provoke him to escape. To make it easy to locate the pet, you should make tags that contain all the vaccinations that he has taken. You should also include your contact information in the tags.

For additional assurance, it’s wise that you consider a pet ID registry service.

Veterinary Emergency

The pet might pick an infection and require emergency veterinary services. To be on the safe side you should ask for references of the best veterinary doctors in the area. Always ensure that you have the contact details of the doctors with you.


These are some of the ways that you can prepare yourself when travelling with your pet. To have a great vacation, ensure that you book the best motel in the area.

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