The Board Examinations (or matriculation) is still considered the first most important test in the lives of Indian students. This marks the end of schooling for a student and puts him on a course towards his career path. The completion of this exam also opens the doors to a whole new world for a student and pushes him out of the comfort zone of schooling.

It is most essential for a student to get bona fide career guidance after 10Th.

This is important because very rarely are students of this age sure and resolved about the paths they wish to choose for their careers. There is a lot of confusion due to parental and peer pressure and it is imperative for the student to get good quality counselling to eliminate doubts and set them on a path they would be successful in.

Gone are the days when perceived “bright” students opted for the science stream, the mid-average students opted for commerce and the remaining students opted for arts.

Today students have a lot more career options than a decade ago. Today, it is not uncommon to see toppers opting for commerce because they wish to become Chartered Accountants or arts because they wish to make a career in language.

Today, there are career counselling organisations which hire experts to guide students about their career choices depending upon their aptitude. Aptitude Tests are becoming common to assess the interests of students to guide them to take up a stream which will further help them make an informed decision about their careers. Career counselling after 10Th helps not only the students but also their parents in understanding their likes and dislikes. This will avoid any unpleasant pressure being put on the children from their parents.

It is necessary for the parents of the student to realize that the child is not an outlet for the completion of their missed dreams and aspirations. The student has her own passion and inclination and the parents should appreciate this and help their child to realize her own goals and objectives.

The Board Exams marks the beginning of an important phase in the lives of students and only the correct guidance can put them on the long path to success. The choice of career may be any but it should be done without ambiguity, apprehension and confusion. This is where counselling helps. Know more about us.

Girija Nair is a multifaceted professional with experience span of over 26 years in the highly complex verticals of IT, Telecom, ITES, and E-commerce. She is well versed with the current confusions and dilemmas faced by the students on Career guidance after 10Th and with the education system, its applications, in adequacies and the solutions. She is CEO of careerfutura, and is an international consultant with GLG, Austin.