Even though they have become quite common, birds are still considered to be exotic pets. This is the reason why many owners are not sure about the right way in which to feed them. Perhaps the biggest mistake is to offer only seeds as they do not offer the full spectrum of nutrients required by these lovely creatures. Find out how to feed your pet bird properly so that it is healthy and happy.

Food Diversity

Just like you, your pet requires a diverse and balanced diet. You can feed it some seeds, but they should form only a portion of its diet. The bird pallets are an excellent choice of food to give to your pet on a daily basis. They contain all the nutrients which birds require to be healthy. Just make sure that you pick a natural product which does not contain artificial additives, preservatives or colourings.

Your pet will certainly love to eat vegetables and fruits. They are excellent sources of carbs, fibre and vitamins and minerals. The vegetables and fruits which birds love the most include carrots, turnips, radishes, broccoli, corn, apples, bananas, berries, pineapple, cherries and mango. It is best if you feed your pet with fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits to achieve maximum diversity.

Other foods which you can include in the diet to make it diverse are raw almonds, kidney beans and lentils. These are great sources of healthy protein and healthy fat. Sprouted seeds, grains, nuts and legumes are great delicacies for birds in addition to being packed with nutrients. You can readily sprout dormant seeds and legumes at home by wrapping them a moist cotton ball and leaving them in a jar.


Pet birds do not have set meal times, but it is best if you provide fresh food in the morning and in the evening. One important thing to know is that in nature these animals actually work for their food. They spend about a third of the day foraging. That is why you will do a great favour to your pet if you place a foraging feeder in the cage. That way, you will give it both physical and mental stimulation.


You should never leave food in the cage for more than a day as it may get heavily contaminated with droppings or get spoiled. It is never wise to pour large amounts of feed and then forget about feeding your pet for weeks. You should also wash all feeders and dishes with warm water and detergent every day or every other day.

You now know how to feed your pet bird in the best possible way.

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