If you ever meet a man and spent a lot of time writing flirty, humorous and lighthearted text messages or emails back and forth, you need to read this to see if he’s truly interested in you or just playing with your heart.

You can have the most amazing conversations and get along extremely well, but if your man isn’t truly in to you, he will leave you hanging.

A lot of women make the mistake of thinking about him too much and what a great catch he is. But do you also find yourself wondering how he really feels about you?

A few weeks or months can go by and he could be hinting at something more if you’re paying attention. Sometimes a man can suddenly be silent and cold. He could stop asking you out on dates, he could stop calling you to confess any secrets, he talks about other women around you, and you’re none the wiser about his feelings. You might start to wonder if you’ve been conveniently slotted into the friend zone.

At this point, you need to do something really fast. Most men need to be physically in close proximity with a woman to stay interested. If you happen to move away or live too far away, that can also affect how much attention you’re going to get. You can’t wait. So first, let’s look at the particular sign you should watch for if a man is interested in you. Men, like you, are looking for signs of obvious interested in a exclusive relationship. A man doesn’t want to risk rejection. In fact, he’s really scared of it. If he thinks you’re not clearly into him, he may put off flirting with you forever. If he doesn’t feel you’re interested in him, he will stop trying. Some men, with shorter attention spans, may move on within an hour of initiating a dialogue if he doesn’t feel a positive response from you, so that’s why you need to act fast.

The best thing you can do is to ask your man what his first impression of you is. It’s simple. If his initial impression of you is a positive one, his brain will seek out bits of information that supports his initial claim. Remember the saying, love at first sight? First impressions mean a lot.

Now let’s be honest here. Dating guys is extremely time consuming and troublesome. If you tallied up the total hours it would take to get to know someone, spend time together and growing a relationship, you might not want to do it. You have to care about a guy on his good and bad days. You have to take precious time out of your already busy schedule to invest in a relationship that may or may not go anywhere. If you’ve worked with him for five months, and you ind you don’t even like the guy, you just wasted five months of time that you can never get back. So make sure he is the one before you invest.

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