Aging is a natural process that everyone must go through. As we age our bodies adapt and change. However, how fast we lose our capabilities and looks of our earlier years is greatly affected by how effectively we exercise our body and mind and what we eat.

Some of the changes that take place as we age include alteration in hormone production, increase in bone rigidity and porosity, decrease of neurological capabilities, muscle mass and balance. In addition, you might also experience an unwanted increase in body fat due to inactivity and hormonal decline. But fortunately we don’t have to watch this natural processes passively, we can influence and control most of the factors contributing to ageing.

As aging affects us physically, emotionally and sexually it is imperative we learn to control these determinants by choosing our diet carefully, caring for our skin and keeping active. The emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being should also be catered for by feeding our minds positively through love, meditation and the quest for knowledge.

Now that we know the ”negative effects” of ageing can be slowed down tremendously through proper exercise and nutrition program, how do we choose the right exercise program? Generally speaking, a good program should include aerobic, balance, flexibility, coordination and resistance training. Usually, the most efficient form of resistance training is the use of body weight exercises as a starting point, before external loading is incorporated. Progressions should include more complex movements.

Resistance exercise will help slow down the loss of bone density, muscle strength and mass. Balance activities and exercises such as standing on one leg or forward, backward as well as lateral movements will help maintain stabilisation and coordination capabilities. When not sure of the right exercise, seek the services of a knowledgeable fitness professional who understands your needs and suits your personality. And when not sure of the right diet get a qualified dietician or nutritionist to discuss your needs.

Let me also mention that it is equally important we engage in activities that stimulate the brain and improve reflexes such as solving crosswords, puzzles and playing chess etc. So, take charge of your life and enjoy! Let the ageing process be a gradual and beautiful experience so you can look better, feel better and act better for longer by staying on control.

May you continue look good, feel good and move around as you wish without the unnecessary discomfort associated with ”modern ageing”. Let’s not stop ”living” before we die!

Ignatius Ajuebor is an International Fitness & Wellness Coach with over a decade of experience. He is the founder of ANGEL workout and have helped many people transform their lives through his unique approach to exercise. See for more info.