Have you ever wondered why some guys are more in demand that people often overlook the other guys and just focus on that particular guy? Why even though that guy is doing nothing still people are always interested in him and want to be with him. Now the question is why people like them so much and what is it that puts these guys at par from the rest of male group. The answer is pretty simple. All these attractive guys have some common traits, which any male can attain. However, it depends from guy to guy how they attain the traits. While some traits are easy to attain whereas, the others are quite difficult. The game of being desirable is all about mind games and how you apply the following self improvement tips in your life. Of course, the physical attributes also play significant roles; after all, many of us judge things with eyes before the mind. So, anything that looks good to the eyes makes a good impression on one’s mind. But it is not always the looks; sometimes there are other attributes that make them desirable.

Confidence is one of these attributes that you will find in the popular guy in your office, school, or society. So, the first milestone to achieve in the process of becoming popular is to become confident. Now, the question is how to be confident. Confidence is always a result of the attribute/attributes in you that you think are your strongest features. It is the thing that you do best. As you already know that you do it the best, confidence automatically builds in you. All you have to do next is channeling the confidence in the right direction. Now the real deal is while you are all confident, do not be arrogant. A little arrogance is good, and in fact, it makes you more desirable, but there is a thin line between little arrogance and too much arrogance. Overdoing it will make you either a douche or a clown. So, what you can conclude from the paragraph is to be confident but not arrogant.

Speak up, make use of your strongest features directly or indirectly that means if you are good at sports use it, if you know how to look good, use it, if you are a good speaker use it, if you are funny use it, and so on. Do not be afraid and try stuff, be proud of what you do, be the Alpha, and make your presence felt.

Another attribute that is common in popular guys is that they have an attitude. Attitude generates attention. So be proud and have some attitude. Again, do not overdo it, as it will make you a douche. But a little attitude doesn’t harm. Think that you are better than others, it is the fastest way to gain attitude. However, keep it in a moderate level. Treat other people well, listen to them, do well for them, and maintain good relationships. If you can do the aforementioned, you are the “guy”!

Finally, there some other things that matter; desirable guys never hide, they are in some way badass yet good, they keep their friends together, they don’t care about what the others think, and finally, they are the Alpha of their group.