Nothing can be more enticing than an exotic island paradise when you are thinking of rejuvenating yourself in your next vacation. One of the most popular destinations that have never lost its charm is Bali in Indonesia. This island paradise is famous for its pristine beaches, relaxed surroundings and an addictive Asian charm that would surely help you shed all your anxiety and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. So if you are travelling to Bali for the first time then here are a few interesting tips that you would find useful.

Reaching this paradise is not a difficult task as you will find ample flight options from Europe, Australia and USA as well. However a prior booking of tickets would help you get a better price. Remember! It is one of the hotspots for travellers from all corners of the world.

It is best to travel between May and September as it is the dry season in Bali. The other months mainly remains cloudy and wet because of heavy rainfall. The dry months will let you get a glimpse of nature at its best in the tropics.

It can be quite hot during the dry months. So make sure that you have booked a room with an air conditioning system in it to beat the heat.

Light breathable cotton clothes should be your wardrobe in the island. So do not forget to carry some nice swimsuits, bikinis and other beachwear as you would be lazing in the sun and playing on the beach for most part of the day. Yes! You should try the various types of water sports for some fun adventure!

Cabs are the only options for you when you are travelling around the place. Public transports are completely non-existent. However cabs are reasonably affordable.

Shop, eat and visit the exotic beaches or go up in the lovely hills of Bali and get a glimpse of the city from the top. It always gets better when you can experience a panoramic view of the whole city. You just cannot miss it!

While in Bali, do not miss the top hotspots like:

– Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest
– Lembongan Island Cruise
– Mount Batur Volcano

Experiencing all the fun while you are at this tropical paradise will rejuvenate you making your free from stress and anxiety and gear you up to face the world once again. Relax and enjoy every moment of this tropical paradise and make it absolutely unforgettable for years to come!